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Sep 242016

slideshow2smPut together a slideshow of all the Met Art free gallery photos found, so far, of the galleries from around 2009. It is still work in progress, will have the images scrolling vertically when in landscape.

Control at the top, click a thumbnail to go to the model, click main image to go to that gallery.

Tested on a few tablet / mobile screen sizes.


Sep 182016

So wanted to program something and like always I ended up doing some nefarious porn related stuff. Seeing as Met Art moved to a new platform, like around 7 years ago I thought I should put together another slideshow. Here are the results.


I pulled all the gallery data and made a quick interface so you can get to most of the free gallery pictures in recent years.It’s work in progress, I intend to hack the slideshow into showing the new galleries, of which there are thousands.

Aug 022016

I’m trying my hand at you tube, making a parody of game cut scenes. It’s inspired by mans1ay3rs Gamer Poop. He seems to have stopped doing it due to contact problems with Machinima. So I like his stuff and there doesn’t seem to be anyone doing it so I thought I’d have a go. Currently doing the Witcher 3 which will probably take me around a year. If it works then more; if not, then I’ll go get some shit job somewhere.

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