Feb 272009

Blood Wars Automation program.

This is a Firefox plugin that will auto play the Blood Series of Games. It seems that most facebook games revolve around two boring concepts. Invite as many people as possible to the application and log on as often as possible.

If you do these then in many “games” your position will be stronger.

I wrote this application and got to the top 10 in all games before turning it off. People had become suspicious of my speedy rise and I didn’t want to get my account banned….. Hmm, maybe I should have, I don’t use facebook for anything useful anyway.

So Here we are the source code for Blood Automation the bloodwars auto player. If installed you can run it in firefox as is as there is no compile done at all.


This is a Firefox Plugin. Once Pluged in as you can see from the screenshot you can configure BloodAutomation to play the entire game on cycles questing, attacking others within parameters, automatically spending your cash etc.

The hit list was never fully implemented, but you could. The code is fairly messey as I had never programmed anything of substance in javascript, never used crome or DOM before. A complete write would make it nicer, but hey, It works without error, well it did, they have probably changed the page layout now so that some variables can’t be found.

Feb 272009

This code is the guts of another firefox plugin I wrote to Auto add face book users who had the blood wars application installed.

The blood wars application exposes the FB user ID in a very simple way to collect. This application goes through the war.php pages and collects the user ID exposed there. it collects 10 and then goes to http://www.facebook.com/addfriend.php?id=+UID and pastes a generic relevant please add me to your friend list message.

It does this on loop until a message is displayed telling you you may hit a limit.

One could harvest thousands of these ID and then use multiple accounts to make “friends” with all these people and then use another bot to data mine all their private information. People simply don’t use the privacy options, or can’t find them all because they are so spread out.

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Feb 272009

This is a VB.net 2, VS 2005 class for logging on to 6 facebook accounts and then browsing to various pages on a timer.

The purpose of this code is to appear that you have logged into facebook with your multiple accounts and then logged into the various programs to maximise your presence in that application. This is useful in some facebook applications because your application profile is raised to active status and appears first in various lists.

If you are to implement this code as is then you will need a form with a tab control with 6 tabs with a webbrowser on each. 3 buttons, one checkbox and a final webbrowser hidden somewhere (not visible).
I have not provide the project for download because I don’t have the time to remove all the personal information from it. Any questions please ask.

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Feb 272009

Ok so if you have hundreds of people asking to be “friends” with you then you’ll need some program to click ok for you else you’re life will drain away.

This code, partially borrowed from elsewhere as you can see from the comments will auto add everyone who has requested you as friend on facebook. It will add them into a group numbered as the index of the dropdown.

This is the complete code for the core of a plugin for firefox. If anyone actually wants it to install let me know here and I’ll make some install instructions and a better package.

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