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Checking the slideshows for the first time in years found the the auto update broke 2 years ago. So fixed that. Fixed the updater and ran it and all free galleries from 2020 to 2022 are now included.

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May 032022
VR Porn


Downloading VR Porn sites rarely have  ID3 tags on the file. Without ID3 Tags and having obscure filenames Media Servers have no way to produce any form of categorisation for your videos.


There are programs that you can add ID3 Tags to your videos but they still need you to fill out the tags, and if you have thousands of porn videos this can be a tiresome process. So I wrote a web scraper, aided by google search so that you can find the video from the producer and it will scrape the page and record the various tags then give you a CSV file that you feed the tagging program.MP4 Tagger

How To

  1. Search for you video on this page. Use the google search icon.
  2. Click the correct video link in the search results.
  3. Confirm this is the correct video. Go back or if the results are in a new tab close it.
  4. Close the Google search box using the X.
  5. The URL of the video is then displayed in the URL field.
    Note: If the url is incorrect manually copy the correct url from the producer site and click the URL field it will auto paste if you allow it or manually paste it.
  6. Click Scrape.
  7. The tags fields URL, Producer, Title, Actors and Genres will be filled with data.
  8. Select multiple/click values on the left side and click the <-> button to choose that information. Click < > to choose all data.
  9. Select multiple values in Generes and click the <-> button to add to ignore. Things like 180 and 3D you don’t want on all you videos. The ignore list is stored if you have cookies enabled and so that’ll be remembered.
  10. If you want more tags repeat the search to find the video on streaming sites. Highlight the title text select (for example). Click search highlighted and the google search will be filled in for you. Streaming sites are listed in bold in the “Site” dropdown.
  11. Repeat addition of Tags, duplicates are ignored as are genres added that are listed in you ignore genres list.
  12. Drag drop your video to the “File” text box. This will fill the field with the filename.
  13. Once you are happy with you tags click the CSV button. You’ll be given a CSV file.
  14. Run Mp3 Tag, drag drop / add your video.
  15. Click “Text File – Tag”
  16. Select the CSV for the file.
  17. Enter the following for the Format string (only needs to be done once)
  18. Click ok.
  19. If you want a cover photo you need to save one from the tagging page use the basic editor and download it. Then drag drop it onto the cover widow in Mp3Tag.
  20. Click Save. This will take some time as the whole file, no doubt many gigs needs to rewritten.


  • Only sites listed under “Site” dropdown are supported. I can add more leave a comment.
  • CzechVR and others use cloudflare and so can not be scraped.
  • This project is in development. I have link a db with over 2 thousand videos I have already tagged. If this page get any interest; I will add a search of them to fill the fields from pages I have already processed. Leave a comment.


If you have a PC with 16 Gig RAM then this process can be sped up hugely and save wear on your hard disk by using a RAM disk. I Suggest ImDisk. Make a RAM disk of 13 Gig with memory allocated dynamically, close all unneeded programs. Move your video to the RAM disk, add it to MP4 Tag from there and when you save your changes these will all be done in RAM and take seconds not minutes. You will need double size of your video in space on the ram disk.

If you have a SSD drive then processing the file on it is the next best.

MP3 Tag Setup

If you don’t have MP3 Tag it can be downloaded from here.

The fields needed for this process are:

  • Title
  • Producer
  • Artist
  • Genre
  • Series

Add those that you don’t have already by right clicking the column header and “Customize columns…”. The format is Name: “Title”, Value: “%TITLE%”, Field: “%TITLE%”. Genres has a different value field: “$meta_sep(genre,\,)”

Arrange the header to include Cover if it isn’t there so you can change the thumbnail.

Other field you may want to add are:

  • Rating: “%RATING MM%”
  • bps/pixel
  • Format: “%organization%”,”%organization%”. To record SBS or TB format for the VR.
  • File Dimensions & bitrate.
    $div(%_video_width%,2)p %_video_bitrate%k


Currently only the following sites are supported:

  • Merged with sexlikereal.
  •¬†Merged with sexlikereal.
  • started using cloudflare
  • (Manual search of xsinsvr required as the site has blocked google indexing)

Sites listed that don’t work are: (Due to using cloudflare)


Last Update: 09/11/2022
Fixed TMW not scraping genres
Added a GSE link to find VR sources

Known Issues:

Update History:
Added vrcosplayx
Fixed image download with query in url
Fixed VR Bangers, Added VR Conk

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