Jun 062020

I was looking for a solution to play video on my vr headset ($3) Samsung 8 in some viewer, aka the cardboard vr. First I thought that I would just view them over the network, but my rooted chosen ROM (Linage 17) doesn’t support smb from boot, so no fstab mapping can be done leaving me with a hacky file browse and view by another app solution.

Then by chance playing with my TV and trying to watch films on the computer I finally found a use for a UPNP/DLNA Server. I also found that in my VR apps, any form of networking found was for a uPNP/DLNA server, not smb logging on etc, sweet! Looking at the Windows uPNP offering I found none, for free or paid for, they could not make a custom menu from meta data tags.

So Linux… Gerbera free and claimed to be able to do this so I had a go. A bit of hack trial and error later I got it going how I wanted with a sort of 2 level keyword search and reading all the tags I need to sort the collection. I meta tagged all my MP4 video with Mp3Tag v3.01, which is excellent util for the meta tagging via many different ways and easily expandable due to a simple text based plugin type feature.

Gerbera Custom Menu

Gerbera Custom Menu

I leave it here so maybe it’ll help someone else. Continue reading »

Sep 242016

slideshow2smPut together a slideshow of all the Met Art free gallery photos found, so far, of the galleries from around 2009. It is still work in progress, will have the images scrolling vertically when in landscape.

Control at the top, click a thumbnail to go to the model, click main image to go to that gallery.

Tested on a few tablet / mobile screen sizes.


Mar 102010

Extreme Tube

Below is the code for my grease monkey script for generating links to porn videos on ExtremeTube. With this you can download the FLV videos which the website does not generically allow you to do.

You will need to install Grease Monkey to use this, which is a plugin for Firefox. I have not tested this script in any other browser.

Grease Monkey : https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/748
Script at Grease monkey depositary : http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/66261
Code at Grease monkey depositary : http://userscripts.org/scripts/review/66261

Feb 272009

Blood Wars Automation program.

This is a Firefox plugin that will auto play the Blood Series of Games. It seems that most facebook games revolve around two boring concepts. Invite as many people as possible to the application and log on as often as possible.

If you do these then in many “games” your position will be stronger.

I wrote this application and got to the top 10 in all games before turning it off. People had become suspicious of my speedy rise and I didn’t want to get my account banned….. Hmm, maybe I should have, I don’t use facebook for anything useful anyway.

So Here we are the source code for Blood Automation the bloodwars auto player. If installed you can run it in firefox as is as there is no compile done at all.


This is a Firefox Plugin. Once Pluged in as you can see from the screenshot you can configure BloodAutomation to play the entire game on cycles questing, attacking others within parameters, automatically spending your cash etc.

The hit list was never fully implemented, but you could. The code is fairly messey as I had never programmed anything of substance in javascript, never used crome or DOM before. A complete write would make it nicer, but hey, It works without error, well it did, they have probably changed the page layout now so that some variables can’t be found.