Feb 212013

Ok so where I am living the wifi is terrible. As I have hacked 5 available wifi networks from the 20 or so I can pick up, I found the need for a utility that would hop between chosen detected networks when one failed. Seeing as on Tao the networks go up and down, along with two to three power cuts per day causing everything to reset.

Searching around for a bit on the net I found the easiest way to achieve this was to get netsh to do the work and have a utility the pinged (google dns) every second and recorded information from netsh.

Hence I created a utility in vb.net 4 that does just that.

Flaky Wifi


A wifi network is constantly polled to see if its connected. When it fails it tries the next on loop.
So in a nutshell Flaky wifi will find a usable network out of those that you can connect to and when it fails it finds another.
Enables you leave you computer on and downloading torrents all night and all day when the wifi networks around you go up and down or their connections to the net do so.
If you create a link to the util in the startup folder then when windows BCD’s and reboots if you have uTorrent auto loading too then things will carry on. Continue reading »

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