Mar 102010

Extreme Tube

Below is the code for my grease monkey script for generating links to porn videos on ExtremeTube. With this you can download the FLV videos which the website does not generically allow you to do.

You will need to install Grease Monkey to use this, which is a plugin for Firefox. I have not tested this script in any other browser.

Grease Monkey :
Script at Grease monkey depositary :
Code at Grease monkey depositary :

Feb 272009

Ok so if you have hundreds of people asking to be “friends” with you then you’ll need some program to click ok for you else you’re life will drain away.

This code, partially borrowed from elsewhere as you can see from the comments will auto add everyone who has requested you as friend on facebook. It will add them into a group numbered as the index of the dropdown.

This is the complete code for the core of a plugin for firefox. If anyone actually wants it to install let me know here and I’ll make some install instructions and a better package.

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