Aug 022016

I’m¬†trying my hand at you tube, making a parody¬†of game cut scenes.¬†It’s¬†inspired by mans1ay3rs Gamer Poop. He seems to have stopped doing it due to contact problems with Machinima. So I like his stuff and there doesn’t seem to be anyone doing it so I thought I’d have a go. Currently doing the Witcher 3 which will probably take me around a year. If it works then more; if not, then I’ll go get some shit job¬†somewhere.

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Dec 252014


Getting free wifi from an open network that takes you to a “pay to use page”.


I am living for a time being on a site that has a wifi service that you pay to use. Having my own Sat connection meant that I did not need it in the beginning. But seeing as I used up my 10 gig allowance in 10 days and the connection goes to usable crap speed, I decided to have a look at the site wifi. Finding the login page wasn’t SSL then I originally though it would be a case of leaving a Kali laptop running airodump on till it captured a password. I did so but seeing as I had a load of captured http traffic I thought that MAC address spoofing may get some results. It did! But by googling ‘mac address spoofing for free wifi‘ shows that I am by no means the first. This appears to be a very well known exploit. So what I am sharing here is a script that will come in of use in getting the free wifi


  1. Kali Linux. A backtrack installation would be ok too.

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Dec 252014


How to configuring a BT Home Hub 3.0 Type A to be a router for an Ethernet internet connection.


I have a satellite modem where I arrived from the UK, and knowing the sat modem had no wifi I  pre-bought, from eBay, a 5 pound BT homehub 3 router. Knowing the equipment to be good from consumer experience I thought it to be a good bet to get wifi for the sat connection.

Important !!!

This method only works on a BT Home Hub v3A firmware version less than 4.7.
Instructions on how to downgrade you firmware of a HomeHub 3A can be found here


  1. BT Home Hub version 3A.
  2. Downgrade the home hub firmware version to less than 4.7 (info above)
  3. USB stick


  1. Download and extract this.
  2. Run the “hh3a_unlock.exe”
  3. Connect the modem to the “BT Infinity” port on the BT home hub using a network cable.
  4. Connect you PC/Laptop to one of the other yellow Ethernet ports.
  5. Reset the HomeHub to defaults by long pressing the reset button on the back.
  6. Make the usb stick with “DiskImage_1_6_WinAll.exe” from the “hh3a_unlock” directory. Make it with “ext3.img”. Select the disk number not the letter.
  7. Plug the usb stick into the usb port on the home hub.
  8. Open up a command prompt and type net use z: \\\usb1 /user:admin XXXXX where XXXX is your Home Hub admin password
  9. Copy the “smb.conf” and “utelnetd” into ‘z:\sys\etc’
  10. Type net use z: /d into your command prompt
  11. Unplug and re-plug the usb stick into the homehub.
  12. type net use z: \\\usb1 /user:admin XXXXX where XXXX is your Home Hub admin password
  13. Now browse z: go in and out some directories.
  14. Telnet with ‘kitty’ or your telnet program to port 4002
  15. If the port is not open browse a few more directories on z: and retry. I have had it take up to a minute to open the port.
  16. once the telnet program connects type the following

conf set persistent/bt/domain_locking/enabled 0
conf del fw/policy/0/chain/fw_br0_in
conf del fw/policy/0/chain/fw_br1_in
conf set /admin/user/0/permissions/ssh 1
conf set bt/bt_agent/enabled 0
net wan_type_set eth
inet_connection ether dynamic_ip eth1
conf set dev/eth1/route_level 4
conf reconf 1

There it’s done. the above commands disable the BT backdoor and enable the ssh service. Then configures the infinity port to DHCP and puts it interface as a route out to the net. I now plugged the infinity port into my sat modem and I was able to use the net via the home hubs wifi or ethernet ports. The only problem is that if the hub loses power then you have to do the config again as it fails to load a few times then flashes the default firmware back. Oh well you’ll never need to turn it off anyway.

If you get lost in my instructions then you can check ‘How to unlock your Home Hub 3A _Now With added SSH Unlock.pdf’ included in the download.

Apr 242014

Game Hack

Found this app and it is awesome. Game Hack written by SBman, no ads and free. Of all the memory ¬†pokers I have tried it is also the best. Your Android device needs to be rooted, though if you’re looking at cheating at games you’ve probably rooted it already. Google Play has removed it from the store so you can find a copy here. The dudes website also seems to have gone but it was listed to be here.

What Does it do?

Game hack like all programs of this nature scans the device memory to locate a given number. The number to be searched for is given by you. This can be the amount of coins, bucks or whatever an in game currency or health is. Once found then you can modify the number to be say a few hundred million and never have to worry about running out. If you search for bucks or whatever the game calls them that can be purchased for real world money then you can gift yourself  a huge amount to buy all the upgrades, unlocks or whatever you want. If your search is for the number the number of health or lives you have then with this cool util you can also lock the number so it never decreases.

How do you do it?

  1. Root your phone. Google “root [your phone model]” for information on how to do this.
  2. Install Game Hacker
  3. Run Game Hacker, ok it in SuperSU, swipe away some screens you’ll see only once and can’t understand anyway. Close the screen with this minus symbol.
  4. Run the game you want to cheat at
  5. Press the spanner that’s overlayed by Game Hack.
  6. Search for the number you want to change. The number of coins you have for example.
  7. Game hacker will probably find this number a few to hundreds of times. Click ok to return to the game
  8. Change the number but purchasing or however you either increase or decrease this number.
  9. Click the spanner again.
  10. Type the new value in and search.
  11. With luck only one or two occurrences of this number now show up.
  12. Change the number to be a few million. Ok and you are sent back to the game.
  13. Look in wonder that you now have a few hundred million bucks or whatever that you have had to sell your house to have been able to afford.

Games that this has worked on

  1. Plants vs Zombies 2 (Coins)
  2. Mini Gore 2 (Coins)
  3. Bad Road 2 (Coins)
  4. Subway Surf (Coins)
  5. Dead on Arrival 2 (Coins)
  6. No Zombies Allowed (Buck, Supplies and Coins)

Infact the only game I have tried and failed to cheat at is Zombiewood. However for this game there is a hacked save file available that gifts you a few million bucks and coins. If you find a way of hacking Zombiewood with Game Hacker then please let me know by leaving a comment. And as you can see from the list I like zombie games.


Use of this hack tool will probably make games boring, asa there will be no challenge. But it will save you an unlimited amount of real world money that you would probably have not spent on the game anyway.

Feb 212013

Ok so where I am living the wifi is terrible. As I have hacked 5 available wifi networks from the 20 or so I can pick up, I found the need for a utility that would hop between chosen detected networks when one failed. Seeing as on Tao the networks go up and down, along with two to three power cuts per day causing everything to reset.

Searching around for a bit on the net I found the easiest way to achieve this was to get netsh to do the work and have a utility the pinged (google dns) every second and recorded information from netsh.

Hence I created a utility in 4 that does just that.

Flaky Wifi


A wifi network is constantly polled to see if its connected. When it fails it tries the next on loop.
So in a nutshell Flaky wifi will find a usable network out of those that you can connect to and when it fails it finds another.
Enables you leave you computer on and downloading torrents all night and all day when the wifi networks around you go up and down or their connections to the net do so.
If you create a link to the util in the startup folder then when windows BCD’s and reboots if you have uTorrent auto loading too then things will carry on. Continue reading »

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Jan 202013

After my 7 years relationship ended I had need for a more graphic porn viewer. After looking into various ¬†multiple screen viewers I found none and no source code that really worked for me so I wrote my own. This multi screen viewer uses the VLC as a “plugin” so credit all those who contributed to it’s¬†construction. It is¬†particularly¬†useful who’s norp stash contains short flicks downloaded from tube sites.

Video Wall


Have 6 multiple videos playlists playing at the same time. Bash one out quicker.


Drag drop files or folders to playlists of the 6 screen. (via dropping on options playlist area).
Split playlist between multiple players.
Save your various players playlists in upto 5 lists.
Reloads list one on start.
Play next, previous, play between a and b positions via a popup menu.
Auto aspect toggle per player.
Go full screen on one and all other pauses.
All standard VLC tools available on mouse over.
Expand player to cover 1×23 to 2×2.

Known Bugs



Windows application
Compiled for .net 4.

Version History

1.0 Initial Release
1.1 Added jump forward and backward, play between points a and b on a video via pop menu.
1.1  Fixed bug in play list splitting causing a duplication of files in multiple screens
1.1 Fixed apect ratios not being applied when advancing a playlist automatically.
1.2 Added Auto aspect toggle
1.2 Add multiple save
1.2 Added options per player forward, backward, Pause / Play all.
1.2 Added¬†expand player to cover 1×23 to 2×2.
1.2 Packed vlc dlls and plugins so you don’t need to install VLC.

Legal Blah

This app uses VLC my code is freeware but VLC is GNU General Public License




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Dec 082011

Due to having some time on my hands I thought I would set about virtualizing my home server, a Dell Optiplex 280, 2 1TB SATA disks running windows Server 2008 R1, to allow for some testing of different server / client and generally messing about without the need to constantly pull out hard disks and the rest. Here is my process for selecting what turned out to be a good low budget virtualization setup.

Virtualization Software

Seeing as VMWare ESXi 5 is free and I decided to give it a shot. I have already been using VMWare player for some time and found it to be very good. ESXi 5 has some hardware requirements, and if you are an Intel fanboy like me then they are as follows:

  1. Processor is 64bit.
  2. Processor supports: VT-x
  3. Processor supports: VT-d: for direct mapping of a piece of hardware for an individual virtual machine.
  4. Computer BIOS Supports virtualization of the above.

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Nov 292011

After trying numerous different download programs, browser extensions, greasemonkey scripts with varying success to download primarily flv films from various NSFW sites I finally found that Chrome will give you the direct URL for the movie.

Here is how

  1. Find your tube.
  2. View the tube
  3. Right click somewhere and select “inspect element”
  4. Click “Network”
  5. Refresh the tube page.
  6. Play the video.
  7. Located the flv in the list it will be the one with an expanding bar indicating downloading on the right
  8. Right click and “copy link address”.
  9. Now you have the address put it into something like free download manager to rip it from the site in no time. Or just put it into the address bar to have your browser download it.

This process works on everything I have tested it on so far. youtube, DrTuber, XHamster,¬†Redtube,¬†YourPorno and well it seems to work for them all…