Apr 242014

Game Hack

Found this app and it is awesome. Game Hack written by SBman, no ads and free. Of all the memory  pokers I have tried it is also the best. Your Android device needs to be rooted, though if you’re looking at cheating at games you’ve probably rooted it already. Google Play has removed it from the store so you can find a copy here. The dudes website also seems to have gone but it was listed to be here.

What Does it do?

Game hack like all programs of this nature scans the device memory to locate a given number. The number to be searched for is given by you. This can be the amount of coins, bucks or whatever an in game currency or health is. Once found then you can modify the number to be say a few hundred million and never have to worry about running out. If you search for bucks or whatever the game calls them that can be purchased for real world money then you can gift yourself  a huge amount to buy all the upgrades, unlocks or whatever you want. If your search is for the number the number of health or lives you have then with this cool util you can also lock the number so it never decreases.

How do you do it?

  1. Root your phone. Google “root [your phone model]” for information on how to do this.
  2. Install Game Hacker
  3. Run Game Hacker, ok it in SuperSU, swipe away some screens you’ll see only once and can’t understand anyway. Close the screen with this minus symbol.
  4. Run the game you want to cheat at
  5. Press the spanner that’s overlayed by Game Hack.
  6. Search for the number you want to change. The number of coins you have for example.
  7. Game hacker will probably find this number a few to hundreds of times. Click ok to return to the game
  8. Change the number but purchasing or however you either increase or decrease this number.
  9. Click the spanner again.
  10. Type the new value in and search.
  11. With luck only one or two occurrences of this number now show up.
  12. Change the number to be a few million. Ok and you are sent back to the game.
  13. Look in wonder that you now have a few hundred million bucks or whatever that you have had to sell your house to have been able to afford.

Games that this has worked on

  1. Plants vs Zombies 2 (Coins)
  2. Mini Gore 2 (Coins)
  3. Bad Road 2 (Coins)
  4. Subway Surf (Coins)
  5. Dead on Arrival 2 (Coins)
  6. No Zombies Allowed (Buck, Supplies and Coins)

Infact the only game I have tried and failed to cheat at is Zombiewood. However for this game there is a hacked save file available that gifts you a few million bucks and coins. If you find a way of hacking Zombiewood with Game Hacker then please let me know by leaving a comment. And as you can see from the list I like zombie games.


Use of this hack tool will probably make games boring, asa there will be no challenge. But it will save you an unlimited amount of real world money that you would probably have not spent on the game anyway.

May 052010

Finding that an Atari ST emulator exists and runs all the old software without fault has given me a great deal of enjoyment. If you ever had an Atari then get Steem, all of the automation and medway boys disks are available to download.

I have been able to complete a good few games that I never managed to as a kid. Defender Of the Crown for example. You couldn’t save your game. With the emulator you can save the memory at any time and reload. Steem also runs on any crappy laptop.

May 032010

Dragon Age: Origins Screenshot

Dragon Age:Origins has got to be one of the best games I have ever played. After playing through it two times I have decided to contribute to the wiki. Dragon Age:Awakenings is not quite as good but enjoyable enough to play through with your character from the first.

Bioware is simply a great producer of games. Mass Effect 2 is another truly awesome game that you should play.

Sep 202000

You need Java to view this applet.

This I programmed a month after the Sept 11th and my website never knew so many hits. My SP asked me to remove the content. ehe, Anyway I did a quick test in Firefox and it didn’t run though it did in IE.

You can modify the images, in the jar. As long as they are the same size it will play with whoever you want to have beaten up. As someone has done here.

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