May 282010

After looking at removing 4od adverts I thought I’d have a look at removing adverts from playing on the ITV player. I found out that it was significantly easier than 4od.

How To

Here is the how-to to disabled/skip adverts on ITV’s player. It is only for Windows Visa and Window 7. If you are using another operating system and you don’t want adverts then you should BLOCK ( with your firewall, either on your computer or router.

Windows Security Settings

  1. From the start menu select Control Panel
  2. Within the control panel select System and Security
    Select Firewall
  3. Select Windows Firewall
    Select Advanced Settings
  4. Select Advanced Settings
    Say Yes
  5. Say yes on the UAC security warning.Select Outbound Rules and New Rule
  6. Select Outbound Rules
  7. Select New RuleSelect Custom
  8. Select Custom
  9. Select NextSelect All Programs
  10. Select All programs
  11. Select NextSelect Next
  12. Select NextSelect These IP Addresses, Add
  13. Select These IP addresses
  14. Select AddType
  15. Type ->
  16. Select OK
  17. Select NextSlect Block the connection
  18. Select Block the connection
  19. Select NextSelect Next
  20. Click Next
  21. Type Block ITV AdvertsType -> Block ITV Adverts
  22. Click Finish

Your Done! Now watch ITV online without adverts, yay!

How this was uncovered

  1. Run Wireshark
  2. Set a capture filter: tcp port 80
  3. Start a capture and goto ITV Player
  4. Play any program on ITV player
  5. Once the adverts start stop the capture
  6. Filter the capture results for “http.response.code == 200”
  7. Towards the bottom requests for were made, hmm adbureau, looks good.
  8. I first tried to redirect this with an entry in the hosts file but this didn’t work, maybe a static ip is being used?
  9. Tried blocking communication to ip address : worked. Yay!

Point of interest

  • The XML file provided by contains the URLs for mp4 files that can be downloaded without any cookie information or referal eg:

A better solution

If you know how to, then set your router to block traffic to, then all wireless and network pc’s will not require configuration, and if something changes, there is only place to update.


  4 Responses to “ITV Player with no Adverts”

  1. Tried the solution but it doesn’t work 🙁 I don’t know how old this solution is but I believe that ITV have ‘re-jigged’ their system to get around ad blocking……..

  2. You can still get this to work but you need to change the blocked IP address from to a scope of –

    This should block all the new adverts. 🙂

  3. Try adding these lines to your hosts file:

    Works for me.

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