Sep 192009

Met Surfer was designed to help the internet surfer find and save porn from the web in the most efficient way to prevent you getting busted by your partner, children, mother in-law or postman.

Met Surfer will download the largest picture from the page beyond the link you <Control> Click on and save that picture it in the folder you specify. If a filename already exists in your save directory it is renamed to prevent conflicts. It will also download / scan the commonly named 1 to 100 html / jpeg sets.

You can also drag links from any tab into the “Links To Process” and it will be processed in the same manner. If you drag an image into “Images To Save” then it will be downloaded and saved.

So find a page that’s got 12 or so pics thumbnail pics and under those you know there will be the full-size pics. Hold CONTROL and click on each of the thumbnails. The pages beneath the thumbnails are scanned and the largest picture saved to your save directory. Or click the download set button for the lot.

You can review your session saved files using the image viewer, that I have thoughtfully included a hands free slideshow function. Session and All view is possible with 1 to 4 pictures shown at the same time. Delete a pic with the delete key.

There are 5 simultaneous threads downloading pages and 5 threads downloading images.

I can not be held responsible for any situation that may arise though the use of this software. Your health and relationships are your own. If you end up blind, single and homeless it’s your own doing.

Inbuilt Image Duplicate Finder. After you have a few gig of images, you’ll probably have some duplicates…

Dot Net 2 required.


Some Demo videos are located :

Video 1
Video 2


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  1. Hi,
    this link is producing an error and cannot be downloaded. am i missing something?

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