Aug 182022
uTorrent using two connections


On windows you can’t effectively use multiple gateways without using some complex solutions. I found a method of getting uTorrent to use both connection effectively without much messing around.


  1. Connect to both networks using a static IP. This can be done by configuring the routers to reserve an IP from the DHCP scope to your interface MAC address. You will need to know the router password on both networks for this. If you don’t know how to do this google Set Reservation on router DHCP. This is probably more work than just simply setting your interface adapter to use a static IP. If you don’t know how to do this under windows google Set Static IP on Windows. Note that both networks need to have a different router IP address. If they both use the default of then you will need to change the one you control to use a different subnet; like, with the router on If you don’t know how to do this google change router ip.

    Static IP

    Static IP of two interfaces

  2. Run two copies of uTorrent in Windows and in one instance change the net.bind_ip setting in Advanced Settings to one static IP, the other instance the other static IP. To do this copy uTorrent folder to another location, anywhere will do, “Downloads” is fine and run it as a different user. If you don’t know how to create a user in Windows google create user account in windows. You will also need to give the second account access to the copied torrent folder. If you don’t know how to do this google give file access to another user. You run a program under a different user account by holding shift right click on uTorrent.exe and select “Run as Different User” then enter the username and password you created. Probably best to create a new shortcut on your desktop for the second uTorrent called “uTorrent Another User” or something.

    uTorrent Bind IP

    uTorrent Bind IP

  3. Disable Randomize port on both uTorrents, they have to have different port numbers!

    Disable Randomize Port

    Disable Randomize Port

  4. Record the IP and port number from your main adapter in the form IP:Port. In my setup it is
  5. Start a torrent downloading. Chrome will probably put the magnet link into you first copy of uTorrent however sometime it choose the other, it doesn’t matter. Once the meta data has been download right click the Torrent and select “copy magnet url”.
  6. In your second copy of uTorrent click add Torrent from URL, its a button on the toolbar. Paste the magnet link and OK.
  7. Select the torrent, click peers tab and right click, Select Add Peer. Add PeerEnter the IP and Port of your first instance of uTorrent.Add Peer It will get the metadata instantly, if it hasn’t already. Repeat the add peer process now it has the metadata.
  8. Watch in awe as your two uTorrent shares the data they get avoiding duplicate downloading and utilising both connections to the max.

    uTorrent using two connections

    uTorrent using two connections (I have a tiny 6Mb connection. My neighbour has 20 Mb)

  9. When the torrent is done downloading you will have two copies of the torrent. Delete one.

And Beyond

You can repeat the process for as many networks you have access to, they just need to be on different subnets.

Jun 062020

I was looking for a solution to play video on my vr headset ($3) Samsung 8 in some viewer, aka the cardboard vr. First I thought that I would just view them over the network, but my rooted chosen ROM (Linage 17) doesn’t support smb from boot, so no fstab mapping can be done leaving me with a hacky file browse and view by another app solution.

Then by chance playing with my TV and trying to watch films on the computer I finally found a use for a UPNP/DLNA Server. I also found that in my VR apps, any form of networking found was for a uPNP/DLNA server, not smb logging on etc, sweet! Looking at the Windows uPNP offering I found none, for free or paid for, they could not make a custom menu from meta data tags.

So Linux… Gerbera free and claimed to be able to do this so I had a go. A bit of hack trial and error later I got it going how I wanted with a sort of 2 level keyword search and reading all the tags I need to sort the collection. I meta tagged all my MP4 video with Mp3Tag v3.01, which is excellent util for the meta tagging via many different ways and easily expandable due to a simple text based plugin type feature.

Gerbera Custom Menu

Gerbera Custom Menu

I leave it here so maybe it’ll help someone else. Continue reading »

Dec 082011

Due to having some time on my hands I thought I would set about virtualizing my home server, a Dell Optiplex 280, 2 1TB SATA disks running windows Server 2008 R1, to allow for some testing of different server / client and generally messing about without the need to constantly pull out hard disks and the rest. Here is my process for selecting what turned out to be a good low budget virtualization setup.

Virtualization Software

Seeing as VMWare ESXi 5 is free and I decided to give it a shot. I have already been using VMWare player for some time and found it to be very good. ESXi 5 has some hardware requirements, and if you are an Intel fanboy like me then they are as follows:

  1. Processor is 64bit.
  2. Processor supports: VT-x
  3. Processor supports: VT-d: for direct mapping of a piece of hardware for an individual virtual machine.
  4. Computer BIOS Supports virtualization of the above.

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Nov 292011

After trying numerous different download programs, browser extensions, greasemonkey scripts with varying success to download primarily flv films from various NSFW sites I finally found that Chrome will give you the direct URL for the movie.

Here is how

  1. Find your tube.
  2. View the tube
  3. Right click somewhere and select “inspect element”
  4. Click “Network”
  5. Refresh the tube page.
  6. Play the video.
  7. Located the flv in the list it will be the one with an expanding bar indicating downloading on the right
  8. Right click and “copy link address”.
  9. Now you have the address put it into something like free download manager to rip it from the site in no time. Or just put it into the address bar to have your browser download it.

This process works on everything I have tested it on so far. youtube, DrTuber, XHamster, Redtube, YourPorno and well it seems to work for them all…

Nov 222011

After trying for some time I finally got uTorrent to use two internet connection at the same time, though, I must say it definitely falls in the category of hack.

What’s the Problem?

Well core of the problem is that on one system you can’t make use of two default gateways, concurrently, they can be configured however whichever gateway is configured with the lower metric will be used no matter what. All in all that means you may have two network adapters connected to two different routers but only one will be used for net traffic.

What’s the solution?

A virtual machine. Download VM Player and setup a copy of windows XPin it. Run uTorrent in there using the second network adapter in bridge mode.

Step By Step

  1. Install uTorrent
  2. Configure uTorrent to always use the same port number.
  3. Start some torrent.
  4. Download and install VM Player.
  5. Install a copy of windows XP as a virtual machine (cause it’s small).
  6. Disable the “VMware bridge protocol” from all of your network adapters but for the adapter what is your secondary connection to the internet.
  7. Configure the VM’s network adapter to use bridge mode.
  8. Launch your virtual machine.
  9. Download and install uTorrent in the VM.
  10. Download the exact same .torrent file, or copy it to the VM (use a usb stick is easiest).
  11. Now the torrent has started on both the host machine and the virtual machine add the hosts machines ip for the secondary network adapter and port number for uTorrent as a peer to the list in the virtual machine. It may well find it anyway if local peer discovery is on.

What’s the result?

With the above your host and virtual machine both download the torrent via the two different network connection and pass what they download to each other. When the download is finished, you can delete the torrent and data from the vm completely and just have the one on the host machine remain. If your two network connection are roughly the same you will half the download time for a torrent. yay. Now getting those 360 gig rainbow tables doesn’t take 3 days.

Feb 142011

I wrote this because I needed to know what user was logged onto what PC when remotely connecting to a supported server.

Example Output

Find Users v0.1 (c) 2011 Chris

Computer               Username               Desciption
TREEBEARD          *                         Window 7 64 Ultimate
STORMCROW        Chris.KINGS          Kings Server
BOMBADIL            Maxy                     Maxy's Laptop

Press any key to exit


To find the users who are logged onto network connected Windows Workstations from a server logged on a domain admin account.

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Jan 172011

I wrote this utility as in the small business where I work we had no blanket tool for proactive monitoring of services that are supported by our company.

Server Up Image 1

Main Page

Server Up Image 2

Popup example


A simple utility that scans ports and provides a balloon tooltip notifying the user of ports that are unavailable


Runs upto 64 concurrent threads checking if ports are open.
Displays in a listview that can be sorted by column.
Name and group a service.
Enable and disable particular  services from scan.
Auto scan every 15 minutes.
Source code included.
Imports from Remote Desktop Manager rdm files
Minimises to system tray
Records last seen open and last seen closed times.

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Jan 082011

A small utility that I wrote to help people on the helpdesk communicate information to prevent the duplication of jobs and to provide call handlers the information required to resolve the call before it become a job. Source code included. VB.NET 3

Example Notify Balloon

Example Notify Balloon

Main Form

Main Form


To provide the ability to anyone in a group of people to communicate a piece of information that will be distributed to other users of the utility in the form of a toolbar popup. The need I had for this was that working on a helpdesk as I do, I may know of a problem that if the call handlers knew about then they could tell people phoning up that the problem they are facing will be resolved in time rather than creating duplicate jobs.

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