Jan 202013

After my 7 years relationship ended I had need for a more graphic porn viewer. After looking into various  multiple screen viewers I found none and no source code that really worked for me so I wrote my own. This multi screen viewer uses the VLC as a “plugin” so credit all those who contributed to it’s construction. It is particularly useful who’s norp stash contains short flicks downloaded from tube sites.

Video Wall


Have 6 multiple videos playlists playing at the same time. Bash one out quicker.


Drag drop files or folders to playlists of the 6 screen. (via dropping on options playlist area).
Split playlist between multiple players.
Save your various players playlists in upto 5 lists.
Reloads list one on start.
Play next, previous, play between a and b positions via a popup menu.
Auto aspect toggle per player.
Go full screen on one and all other pauses.
All standard VLC tools available on mouse over.
Expand player to cover 1×23 to 2×2.

Known Bugs



Windows application
Compiled for .net 4.

Version History

1.0 Initial Release
1.1 Added jump forward and backward, play between points a and b on a video via pop menu.
1.1  Fixed bug in play list splitting causing a duplication of files in multiple screens
1.1 Fixed apect ratios not being applied when advancing a playlist automatically.
1.2 Added Auto aspect toggle
1.2 Add multiple save
1.2 Added options per player forward, backward, Pause / Play all.
1.2 Added expand player to cover 1×23 to 2×2.
1.2 Packed vlc dlls and plugins so you don’t need to install VLC.

Legal Blah

This app uses VLC my code is freeware but VLC is GNU General Public License




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