May 052010

As usual windows includes the kitchen sink turned on by default. Having unneeded services are a security risk and also adds to the the load of your computer. The following services on my machine were started and set to either manual or automatic should be disabled if not required.

Edit the launching of services by launching services.msc via the run box (windows button + R).


  1. Cryptographic Services
    • Set to manual, it checks driver files for signatures. Unneeded most of the time.
  2. Diagnostic Policy Service
    • Unnecessary if your computer is working fine
  3. Print Spooler
    • No printer/PDF creator? This can be disabled.
  4. Remote Registry
    • Set to manual on my installation but you’ll never need or want this. Only useful for network administrators remotely editing your registry.
  5. Secondary Logon
    • Set to manual on my installation. Only useful if you want multiple simultaneous logins to your computer.
  6. Tablet PC Input Service
    • Unless you have a tablet.
  7. Task Scheduler
    • Can not be disabled by default but check out what’s being auto started. Adobe loves to put stuff as scheduled tasks.
  8. WebClient
    • Only used to modify “web folders”, I bet you don’t do that.
  9. Windows Connect Now – Config Registrar
    • MS wireless stuff. No wireless on your desktop? Disable.
  10. Windows Media Center Service Launcher

No Local Network

  1. Computer Browser
  2. Distributed Link Tracking Client
  3. Function Discovery Provider Host
  4. Function Discovery Resource Publication
  5. Group Policy Client
  6. HomeGroupListener
    • Only useful if you have other Vista/Windows 7 Systems on your network.
  7. HomeGroupProvider
    • Only useful if you have other Vista/Windows 7 Systems on your network.
  8. IP Helper
  9. Offline Files
    • If you are on a network and don’t use offline files then disable. If you don’t know if you use offline files then you don’t.
  10. Peer Name Resolution Protocol.
    • Remote assistance helper.
  11. Peer Networking Grouping.
    • Remote assistance helper.
  12. Peer Networking Identity Manager
    • Remote assistance helper.
  13. Server
    • Can be disabled on a network. This service provides access to shared folders; if you have none then disable.
  14. TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
  15. Workstation
    • If you do not access a local file server then you can disable this.

No Themes

  1. Desktop Window Manager Session Manager
  2. Themes

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