Nov 292011

After trying numerous different download programs, browser extensions, greasemonkey scripts with varying success to download primarily flv films from various NSFW sites I finally found that Chrome will give you the direct URL for the movie.

Here is how

  1. Find your tube.
  2. View the tube
  3. Right click somewhere and select “inspect element”
  4. Click “Network”
  5. Refresh the tube page.
  6. Play the video.
  7. Located the flv in the list it will be the one with an expanding bar indicating downloading on the right
  8. Right click and “copy link address”.
  9. Now you have the address put it into something like free download manager to rip it from the site in no time. Or just put it into the address bar to have your browser download it.

This process works on everything I have tested it on so far. youtube, DrTuber, XHamster, Redtube, YourPorno and well it seems to work for them all…


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  1. I stumbled upon your blog while searching through some greasemonkey scripts. THIS post is most … informative. 🙂


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