Jul 062010


For those girl who would really like to try their first time again; second-hand-hymen.com would provide the marketplace of hymens for woman who had a successful first time to sell to those who didn’t, at, of course, a small fee.


For that interesting talking piece for the living room, for young sweethearts, frame that moment for all to see. Dried or in formaldehyde. If it was lost or destroyed in the process of the life changing event we can mock one up from chicken skin and black pudding.


After hearing many people have lost their virginity and after numerous calls to police stations and airport and train-station lost and found departments I have been unable to locate any lost virginity. Therefore I intend to setup lost-and-found-virginity.com where people can post lost virginities and with hope can be reunited with them by avid do gooders.


Sees like in-laws can sometimes be a problem, the domain name as it suggests is a swap shop for in-laws. People can post all the qualities of the in-law they would like to swap and search for other or suitable in-laws posted by others and arrange a swap.

May 022010

With over two thousand spam messages on the phpBB I have abandoned the bulletin board and replaced it with this Word Press blog software. Sorry to anyone who has posted on the BB that simply got deleted but I couldn’t be arsed to go though and find the 5 valid messages in the thousands of spam.

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Mar 102010

Extreme Tube

Below is the code for my grease monkey script for generating links to porn videos on ExtremeTube. With this you can download the FLV videos which the website does not generically allow you to do.

You will need to install Grease Monkey to use this, which is a plugin for Firefox. I have not tested this script in any other browser.

Grease Monkey : https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/748
Script at Grease monkey depositary : http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/66261
Code at Grease monkey depositary : http://userscripts.org/scripts/review/66261