Jan 082011

A small utility that I wrote to help people on the helpdesk communicate information to prevent the duplication of jobs and to provide call handlers the information required to resolve the call before it become a job. Source code included. VB.NET 3

Example Notify Balloon

Example Notify Balloon

Main Form

Main Form


To provide the ability to anyone in a group of people to communicate a piece of information that will be distributed to other users of the utility in the form of a toolbar popup. The need I had for this was that working on a helpdesk as I do, I may know of a problem that if the call handlers knew about then they could tell people phoning up that the problem they are facing will be resolved in time rather than creating duplicate jobs.


You can create an issue.
You can acknowledge an issue.
You update an issue.
You can delete an issue.
Updated issue need to re acknowledged by others.
Summary is only displayed in balloon popup, Full text is displayed in the utility.


Clients check for issues every minute
Popups with unacknowledged issues are shown every 15 minutes


You can only have 255 chars in a popup, there is no check, additional will be cut.
Utility must be run from a network drive that all people have access to as this simple utility reads from a text file located in the same dir as the exe.
There is no log
Anyone can delete an issue, there is no log


Use this at you own risk. I am not responsible for anything that happens from you running this software.
You can modify and use the code however you want.
You can distribute the code in whatever way you want.


I give this out for free but if you find it useful then please:



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