Jan 082011

I wrote this utility to help the call handler at work provide the helpdesk staff with more information.

Question Cats

Question Cats

Main Screen

Main Screen


A small VB NET 3 utility the will display a list of questions for a given topic that can be answered in a series of text fields. Once completed these answers are copied with the questions into the copy buffer to be pasted onto a call sheet in a helpdesk application. This utility saves the creation of paper based question sheets, provides a standard format and can be updated without any changes to the program. It is driven by the text file that is included in the zip. Source code is included.

Output Example (From Copy buffer)

Deleted/Lost File

What server is the file on?

What drive is the file on?

What folder was it in?
Company Data

What was the file name?

When was it last used?
10:00 Tuesday

Any other information


If utility is placed on a network share and run from there all clients update the questions on launch.
The text file located in the same directory provides the categories and questions. This is read and the menu drop down, labels and text files are dynamically created at program launch.
Any number of categories and questions can be added.
Resetting the category will prompt for confirmation is it has not previously been copied to the buffer.
The number of text lines for an answer is is defined in the text file.


There is no check to see if all the questions for a category fit on the form. So it’s limited to screen size, though scroll bars could easily be added by modifying the source.

Example Questions File (Included in download)



Use this at you own risk. I am not responsible for anything that happens from you running this software.
You can modify and use the code however you want.
You can distribute the code in whatever way you want.


I give this out for free but if you find it useful then please:


Click his link

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