Feb 142011

I wrote this because I needed to know what user was logged onto what PC when remotely connecting to a supported server.

Example Output

Find Users v0.1 (c) 2011 Chris

Computer               Username               Desciption
TREEBEARD          *                         Window 7 64 Ultimate
STORMCROW        Chris.KINGS          Kings Server
BOMBADIL            Maxy                     Maxy's Laptop

Press any key to exit


To find the users who are logged onto network connected Windows Workstations from a server logged on a domain admin account.

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Jan 172011

I wrote this utility as in the small business where I work we had no blanket tool for proactive monitoring of services that are supported by our company.

Server Up Image 1

Main Page

Server Up Image 2

Popup example


A simple utility that scans ports and provides a balloon tooltip notifying the user of ports that are unavailable


Runs upto 64 concurrent threads checking if ports are open.
Displays in a listview that can be sorted by column.
Name and group a service.
Enable and disable particular  services from scan.
Auto scan every 15 minutes.
Source code included.
Imports from Remote Desktop Manager rdm files
Minimises to system tray
Records last seen open and last seen closed times.

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Jan 082011

I wrote this utility to help the call handler at work provide the helpdesk staff with more information.

Question Cats

Question Cats

Main Screen

Main Screen


A small VB NET 3 utility the will display a list of questions for a given topic that can be answered in a series of text fields. Once completed these answers are copied with the questions into the copy buffer to be pasted onto a call sheet in a helpdesk application. This utility saves the creation of paper based question sheets, provides a standard format and can be updated without any changes to the program. It is driven by the text file that is included in the zip. Source code is included.

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Mar 252009

At Eon is a package used to automatically twofish encrypt and unrar “downloads” arriving via a satellite feed. I developed for members of the European Online network provider.

Source Code

Within this source there is ODBC Access database works, multi threading, calls to Delphi written dlls, an 3rd Party UnRar dlls, multi language integration and other things.

the old forum for the development can be found here :