Jan 172011

I wrote this utility as in the small business where I work we had no blanket tool for proactive monitoring of services that are supported by our company.

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Popup example


A simple utility that scans ports and provides a balloon tooltip notifying the user of ports that are unavailable


Runs upto 64 concurrent threads checking if ports are open.
Displays in a listview that can be sorted by column.
Name and group a service.
Enable and disable particular  services from scan.
Auto scan every 15 minutes.
Source code included.
Imports from Remote Desktop Manager rdm files
Minimises to system tray
Records last seen open and last seen closed times.

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Jul 252010

I have a Dell Inspiron 910, bought from cash converters for £150 3/4 of a year ago. As I had tested Windows Visa and found it to be in many ways an advert not to upgrade from Windows XP I left my machine with the XP installation that the Dell originally came on. Something that surprised me was the 8Gig solid state hard disk. I bought a cheap 4 gig SD card and shoved that permanently into the side for some extra space but I mainly relied on an external 360GB Western Digital slimline hard disk.

When windows 7 came out my usual fear of learning the nuances of a new OS evaporated as I found it to be in almost every way and pleasure to deal with. After testing on a Dell Optiplex 780 for some time I though I should get my Dell Inspiron upgraded to 7 also.

Windows 7 space requirements

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit with a standard install takes about 7gig and even though you can disable many core feature these features are not removed. After some searching I found vLite a utility that is (I assume) mainly used by companies to create tailored Windows installs that suit the corporate image. More searching around on the net and I found that Windows 7 starter was probably the best choice for my netbook. Though Starter removed many features so low powered computers can run it it seemed to be the best choice as a starting package to reduce further in size. After hacking the image with vLite and successfully installing I found that there was no domain support, you could not easily personalise the theme and there was no Aero. Finding this I used vLite to reduce a Windows 7 Ultimate installation. Below is the howto. Continue reading »

Jul 102010

I thought I would post my bash wep cracking script. I made this on the backtrack 4 final linux distro, which is ubuntu, it utilizes aircrack-ng and a sub directory call data.

This script would be most of interest to people who are using multiple wireless interfaces to capture. It allows you you test each cards reception and specify which card is to do the injection and which are simply there to listen.

It implements all aircrack attacks against WEP hubs and I have success using all.

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Mar 252009

At Eon is a package used to automatically twofish encrypt and unrar “downloads” arriving via a satellite feed. I developed for members of the European Online network provider.

Source Code

Within this source there is ODBC Access database works, multi threading, calls to Delphi written dlls, an 3rd Party UnRar dlls, multi language integration and other things.

the old forum for the development can be found here :


Sep 092002

Ok iFriends was one of the pioneer ‘view my camera for $$$ per minute’.


I was learning java by reverse engineering and found this an interesting site to explore. It used Java for their video relay, and may still do… I found that you could get the whole feed, full size without a timeout if you hacked around with their applet. I wrote a whole application that exploited this and other flaws in code and you can download the whole lot here :


This worked for 2 years until someone finally caught on and closed the hole on the client.

The most interesting pats of the code is the jpeg streamer and saver

Oh Yeah and COSY_NOOK was the best (see below)

Here are some screen shots of my applet:

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Sep 202000

You need Java to view this applet.

This I programmed a month after the Sept 11th and my website never knew so many hits. My SP asked me to remove the content. ehe, Anyway I did a quick test in Firefox and it didn’t run though it did in IE.

You can modify the images, in the jar. As long as they are the same size it will play with whoever you want to have beaten up. As someone has done here.

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Jul 022000

You need Java to view this applet.

Soooo, this was inspired while waiting for a train that never came. The notice board constantly told me that the train was imminently arriving; though every minute that passed the due time clocked up by one minute. I think I waited for an hour, and the board still said the train was arriving in a minute!

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