Feb 142011

I wrote this because I needed to know what user was logged onto what PC when remotely connecting to a supported server.

Example Output

Find Users v0.1 (c) 2011 Chris

Computer               Username               Desciption
TREEBEARD          *                         Window 7 64 Ultimate
STORMCROW        Chris.KINGS          Kings Server
BOMBADIL            Maxy                     Maxy's Laptop

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To find the users who are logged onto network connected Windows Workstations from a server logged on a domain admin account.


Multi threaded.
Console application

Performs a “net view” and parses the output.
Checks the last user logged on via a remote registry check
Failing the above checks “\\computer\c$\Users” for the most recently modified directory
Failing the above checks “\\computer\c$\Documents and Settings” for the most recently modified directory
Failing that labels the computer with a * to denote probable remote registry/remote admin share/firewall problem.

This whole app basically acts as a net view++ console command giving the user logged onto the machine


List does not return sorted, but speed at which a response is collected.
If net view returns nothing so will this util.


Use this at you own risk. I am not responsible for anything that happens from you running this software.
You can modify and use the code however you want.
You can distribute the code in whatever way you want.
This is freeware.


I give this out for free but if you find it useful then please:




Source code in VB.NET included, binaries included, compiled for .NET 2, though can be change to whatever if you want.


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