Sep 222011

After spending a good few hours screwing around with Windows Server 2008 R1 and Terminal sessions with GPO Mapped Drives I finally found that drives would not be mapped without the reconnect option enabled.

So there you go, if you are having similar problems, ignore the help stating the reconnect is the same as persistent connections, it is required for them to be mapped at all.

Feb 252011

To my horror after the builders have been screwing around under the stairs I found my server displaying the rather disconcerting message

Windows can not load due to bfzonfal.sys being missing or corrupt

Well a search on google for said driver found a massive total of zero.

ZERO? the collective brain of the online world has never heard of bfzonfal.sys

Well I though it sounded a strange name. After a significant amount of drinking and cursing of builders and lamenting of never having taken a backup I decided to go out and get more drunk.

On return I had an enlightening thought, just shove the windows 7 ultimate CD in as the server CD has long since been covered in builders rubble and run up a command prompt.

navigate to system32\drivers and found the bfzonfal.sys driver to be 0k. Ok so I moved it elsewhere, c:\ seemed good. rebooted and all good, yay!

To celebrate I got more drunk and puked out this blog in the hope someone else my find this useful.

Jul 262010

After three installations of two types of Windows 7 with Avira Anti Virus Personal edition (the free one) I found that updates fails on all installations. After some searching on the net I found a solution, here. I am posting this as it was hard to find and to enhance the ranking of this solution for a rather annoying bug.

The solution is to disable the detection of proxy server for updates under advanced setting within configuration.

May 072010

To do an update on a piece of software I downloaded VB Express 2010. Converted my project and started hacking away. I found that none of my breakpoints would fire as “no symbols have been loaded for this document”. Upon a little investigation it appeared the project was in “Release” mode. A mode that was in older version of Visual Studio but removed from Visual Basic Express 2008. Now getting it to change to debug mode, I had to dig the button from a context sensitive menu and add it to the standard tool bar.

View -> Toolbars -> Customize

Commands -> Toolbar -> Standard

Add Command…

Build -> Configuration Manager

Now you can use the Configuration Manager to change the mode from release to debug, and back again!